Board of Directors




Melanie Dodson, President


Bettie Jackson, Vice-President


Maria Rykowski, Treasurer and Director of Inventory

Jordy Bell, Secretary


Shirley Gillis, President Emeritus




Gunnar Andersen, Director at Large


Muriel Conway, Director at Large

Lois Koeber, Director of Volunteers and Scheduling

Howie Myers, Director of Client Statistics

Jean Oitice, Director at Large

Alejandro Rosales, Director at Large



The Croton-Cortlandt Food Pantry is an all-volunteer organization and has been since its founding over 30 years ago.  In addition to our volunteer board, we have more than 50 active volunteers ranging in age from high school students to senior citizens. 


Most of our volunteers work on Saturday mornings giving out food to clients; other volunteer jobs include unloading the food truck and shelving food. Our volunteers keep the food pantry running 52 weeks a year and they are vital to our continued operation!